(As of 11:30 p.m., 25 February 2018)


We share and empathize with BOC in its sadness over the fire that razed the Bureau of Customs – POM building late evening of Friday, February 22.

The fire razed the third floor and upper floors of the Building where BOC Operations offices are located. The PEZA Unit of the Joint PEZA–Customs Office is located at the ground floor of the same building.

The PEZA office was not damaged. As of end of office hours of Friday, February 22, our JPCO-PEZA unit, POM has no pending import documents that were submitted / forwarded to it as of that day. The entire BOC building, however, had to be cordoned off after the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) declared “Fire Out” at 12 noon of Sunday, February 24, in order to secure the building for its investigation, and for the BFP to determine if entry into the ground floor and other offices that were not damaged by the fire can be allowed considering the damaged state of the building.

We are thankful to the BOC that on 25 February (Monday), we were informed that our JPCO-PEZA Unit can occupy an area in the adjacent ATI Passenger Terminal at the South Harbor. BOC also informed us that we have been given clearance to quickly withdraw our office items from the BOC building beginning at noon of the same day.

We immediately started pulling out our things from the BOC building as soon as we got BOC’s clearance, and have already transferred as of this time, all necessary furniture, equipment and other office documents and paraphernalia to the area at the ATI Passenger Terminal allotted for the PEZA office . We are informed that the laying out of internet cabling for the various offices, including certain BOC units, that will be holding office at the ATI Passenger Terminal, is ongoing.

The JPCO-PEZA unit is thus in place at the ATI Passenger Terminal as of this time. Our MIS staff will be at the site very early morning of February 26 (Tuesday) to install our e-systems as soon as the internet service thereat becomes available, and to make available broadband sticks in case the need for these is necessary. Our PEZA staff will all be reporting at the new site tomorrow, February 26, for PEZA enterprises’ transactions.

Since Saturday, February 23, we have been continually sending out advisories and updates on the status of the JPCO-PEZA Unit at POM to our Zone Administrators, Zone Managers and Zone OICs to in turn advise the PEZA enterprises in the zone/s under their respective jurisdiction of our updates. We have also accordingly provided information to PEZA’s three (3) accredited VASPs.

BOC has advised our JPCO-PEZA Unit Head, Mr. Danny San Gabriel, that all enterprises with documents that were in process in the BOC offices when the fire broke out,  to reconstitute these documents. Further, per advisory of the BOC, the new location of the various offices at the BOC-POM building razed by fire on Friday are as follows:

Any further queries on the status of operations of the JPCO-PEZA unit at the POM may be directed to the following :

Danny San Gabriel
CP No. 0917-822-0305 

Emmanuel Garcia
Sr. Enterprise Services Officer
CP No. 0917-860-5899


Thank you very much for your continued kindest support and cooperation.