PEZA Board Members

PEZA is a government corporation attached to the Department of Trade and Industry. It is governed by a 13-man Board, chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, and 12 other members. The Board is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programs of the Authority, including the establishment and enforcement of rules and regulations and standards governing the establishment and operation of economic zones. The Director General is the Vice Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of PEZA.

The Director General holds the rank of a Department Undersecretary and is appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Other Members of the PEZA Board:

* Undersecretary of Department of Finance
* Undersecretary of Department of Labor and Employment
* Undersecretary of Department of Interior and Local Government
* Undersecretary of Department of Environment and Natural Resources
* Undersecretary of Department of Agriculture
* Undersecretary of Department of Public Works and Highways
* Undersecretary of Department of Science and Technology
* Undersecretary of Department of Energy
* Deputy Director General of the National Economic and Development Authority
* One (1) representative from the labor sector
* One (1) representative from the investors / business sector in the economic zone