Ecozone Development

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Manufacturing Economic Zone Application Form
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Information Technology Center Application Form
Tourism Ecozone Application Form
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Retirement Ecozone Park Application Form
Retirement Ecozone Center Application Form
Agro-Industrial Ecozone Application Form
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Manufacturing Economic Zone Application Checklist
Information Technology Park Application Checklist
Information Technology Center Application Checklist
Tourism Ecozone Application Checklist
Medical Tourism Park Application Checklist
Medical Tourism Center Application Checklist
Retirement Ecozone Park Application Checklist
Retirement Ecozone Center Application Checklist
Agro-Industrial Ecozone Application Checklist


List of PEZA Economic Zones (as of December 2020)
List of available SFBs (as of July 2019)
List of Available Industrial Lots in PEZA Economic Zones (as of January 2019)
PEZA-registered IT Parks and Centers, as of May 2018


Update on the Status of Special Economic Zone