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The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) complies with the Data Protection Act (DPA) of 2012 which regulates how personal information is handled throughout its life cycle. This is to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal information that are collected, stored and processed.

If you have questions regarding the privacy policy measures of PEZA in its operations, we advise you to send your queries by filling up this form. However, if you think PEZA has violated one or more information privacy principles of the DPA, you may file a complaint regarding the alleged breach through the PEZA Data Privacy Complaint Form.

We recommend that you lodge your inquiry on a trusted device through a private connection such as your own. All fields marked with asterisk (*) are required information. After you have submitted your complaint, you will be able to print an onscreen confirmation containing your Complaint Reference Number.

If you wish to submit relevant documents or if you want to correct your complaint details, you may send them via email at privacy@peza.gov.ph with your Complaint Reference Number. Should you have other concerns on the usage of the form, you may contact the PEZA Data Protection Officers Committee through the aforesaid email.

Data Protection Inquiry Form

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