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Agro-Industrial Export Enterprises

Procedure for the Registration of
Economic Zone Locator

Agro-Industrial Export Enterprises

Submission of Accomplished Application Form by Proponent

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Office of the Director General

Application Fee: Php. 3,600.00

Evaluation of Application Presentation of Application to the PEZA Board

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Enterprise Regulations Director

PEZA Board Approval

PEZA Unit in Charge:
PEZA Board

Issuance of the PEZA Board Resolution of Approval

PEZA Unit in Charge:
PEZA Corporate Secretary

Submission by Proponent of Pre-Registration Requirements

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Legal Services Group

Payment of filling fee forDepartment of Environment
and National Resources
(Php. 4,000.00)

Registration Fee: Php. 6,000.00

Standard Pre-Registration Requirements:

a.) SEC Registration of Proponent-Company;
b.) Acceptance letter or reservation for the Economic Zone location of the proposed project;
c.) Copy of the Application for Environmental Compliance Certificate filed with the PEZA Environment Safety Group, and
d.) Payment of Registration Fee

Preparation of the Requirements Agreement between Proponent and PEZA

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Legal Services Group

Signing of Registration Agreement and Issuance of PEZA Certificate of Registration to Proponent

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Director General