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Information Technology Parks / Centers

Procedure for the Registration of
Establishing Economic Zones

Information Technology Parks / Centers

Submission of Accomplished Application Form by Proponent

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Office of the Director General

Application Fee: Php. 12,000.00

Evaluation of Application Presentation of Application to the PEZA Board

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Enterprise Regulations Director

PEZA Board Approval

PEZA Unit in Charge:
PEZA Board

Issuance of the PEZA Board Resolution of Approval

PEZA Unit in Charge:
PEZA Corporate Secretary

a) Proof of land Ownership or any perfected contract/document confirming the applicant's authority/clearance to use the land for economic zone development and related purposes
b) Endorsement of the Sangguniang Bayan/Panlungsod for the development of the proposed economic zone (i.e., all government units of all municipalities and cities with areas induded in the proposed economic zone) 
c) D. Conversion Clearance/Exemption Certificate or Housing and Land U. Regulatory Board (HLURB) Zoning Certification or City/Municipal Zoning Certification, whichever is applicable
d) Verified Survey Returns and Separate Narrative Technical Description of the proposed economic zone area
e) Environmental Compliance Certificate issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
f) Certification from the National Water Resources Board or the Local Water provider that rththe=trtdzsonuerls11 not cause water supply and related problems in adjacent communities
g) Other requirements as may be prescribed by the PEZA Board 

Endorsement by PEZA of Proclamation Documents to the Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, for his Endorsement to the Office of the President of the Philipiines

PEZA Unit in Charge:
PEZA Director General/Secretary,
Department of Trade and Industry

Issuance of the Proclamation by the President of the Philippines

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Office of the President of the 

Preparation of the Requirements Agreement between Proponent and PEZA

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Legal Services Group

Registration Fee: Php. 12,000.00

Signing of Registration Agreement and Issuance of PEZA Certificate of Registration to Proponent

PEZA Unit in Charge:
Director General