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PEZA to start construction of iconic, historical, and green headquarters in Pasay

PEZA to start construction of iconic, historical, and green headquarters in Pasay
September 23, 2021
PEZA to start construction of iconic, historical, and green headquarters in Pasay

PEZA to start construction of iconic, historical, and green headquarters in Pasay

23 September 2021 (Thursday)

Pasay City – In relentless efforts to remain as the top export-oriented investment promotion agency (IPA) in the country and promote sustainable development, Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Director General Charito B. Plaza has announced on Monday, September 20, the construction of the new PEZA building in Almeda, Roxas Boulevard corner San Luis Street, Pasay City following the groundbreaking ceremony for the landmark building.

One of the major projects of PEZA under the Transformation Roadmap (TRM), the PEZA Chief noted that the new PEZA Building, which is done in partnership with the LBP Leasing and Finance Corporation (LLFC), “shall represent our continuous pursuit to improve our global competitiveness and support our plans and programs for the next years in accordance with our vision and mandate.”

“The Rhodium 688 Builders, Inc. shall construct our proposed steel-based 13-story building which will be funded through a lease-to-own agreement with the Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) where we expect to attain ownership in 15 years,” said Plaza.

A balanghai-inspired building

The PEZA Chief highlighted that, “our new home will serve as a world-class business investment center, industry excellence, and as a tourism ecozone encapsulating Rhodium 688 Builders’ [winning] inspiration and ours for this resplendent design: a balanghai-inspired building.”

“This historical edifice which I first envisioned back in 2018 symbolizes our nation’s deep-rooted values of ingenuity, astuteness, innovativeness, and the bayanihan spirit as we work together towards achieving a common goal and forming strategic partnerships through trade, investment, and commercial activities.” Plaza noted.

Rhodium 688 Builders Inc. Architect Geefy P. Evangelista explained that “the new PEZA headquarters shall represent as a show window to multinational and future locators. The balanghai is indeed a symbolic element that we will use in this project as it also embodies PEZA’s functions.”

Meanwhile, the LLFC Officer-in-Charge (OIC) and Executive Vice President (EVP) Edward Reyes who virtually graced the ceremony commended the Director General for her initiatives in the long-awaited initial step towards the creation of the new PEZA headquarters.

Reyes said that while the pandemic caused a slight delay, “PEZA is ready to set sail to new frontiers with the joint efforts of LLFC, the assistance of Santos Knight Frank Management, and the Rhodium 688 Builders.”

“Together, we will be building an iconic and environment-friendly structure. It is a structure befitting PEZA’s mandates which brings investors to our country, generate employment, and create more opportunities for millions of our fellowmen,” Reyes added.

PEZA’s Transformation Road Map

The PEZA Chief said, “Our new PEZA headquarters will serve as an ecozone model to the world as we continue to aggressively address our services to be closer to the people, enhancing the ease of doing business, and addressing efficiency factors to lower the cost of doing business in the country.”

The Director General also mentioned that aside from the establishment of the new building, PEZA is also gearing to implement the other major projects under her term such as the automation of payments, new Compensation and Position Classification System (CPCS), transformation of public zones together with the new PEZA building to become models of township, green, healthy and smart ecozones as well as the creation of different types of ecozones nationwide to attract various industries through utilizing millions of hectares of idle lands.

Further, on the first half of 2021, the investments made by PEZA amounted to PhP 32.057 Billion which is 8.52% higher compared to last year’s approved investments worth PhP 29.541 Billion.

“We have to be creative and resourceful in creating and attracting investments, jobs, livelihood, bringing in of technology, and develop idles lands to achieve total economic development especially in the countryside,” Plaza added.

At present, the PEZA headquarters is located at the 8th to 10th floors of the DoubleDragon Center West Building in Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City. The balanghai-inspired PEZA building is estimated to finish in 5 years.