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State of PEZA Address and awarding of top ecozone developer-operators and locator companies to be held on Investors’ Recognition Day 2020

State of PEZA Address and awarding of top ecozone developer-operators and locator companies to be held on Investors’ Recognition Day 2020
December 4, 2020
State of PEZA Address and awarding of top ecozone developer-operators and locator companies to be held on Investors’ Recognition Day 2020

State of PEZA Address and awarding of top ecozone developer-operators and locator companies to be held on Investors’ Recognition Day 2020 

04 December 2020 (Friday)

Pasay City – As the top export-oriented investment promotion agency (IPA) in the country continues its 25th Anniversary celebration this 2020, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is preparing to conduct the Investors’ Recognition Day to recognize the outstanding economic zone locator companies and developer operators in the annual PEZA Excellence Awards this coming December 10.

PEZA Director General Charito “Ching” Plaza said, “Aside from the State of PEZA Address (SOPA) that I will deliver on the Investors’ Day, I am pleased to share that PEZA continues to give award and recognition to registered business enterprises in economic zones. They bring to the country investments that generate export-income for the country, that create jobs for thousands of Filipinos, and that help improve the living conditions of our fellowmen and attain the total development of the country.”

"This is our way to appreciate their relentless efforts and to boost their confidence in doing business in the Philippines,” added Plaza.

A total of 35 export-oriented companies will be given under the following award categories: Outstanding Exporter Award; Outstanding Employer Award; Outstanding Community Project; Outstanding Environmental Performers Award; Hall of Fame; and the Billionaires Award.


The Outstanding Exporter Award is given to locators that accomplished outstanding performance in exports and is a good corporate citizen while the Outstanding Employer Award is given to those companies that generated the most number of jobs, held high regard for the welfare of its workers, and maintained harmony between labor and management.

For the Outstanding Community Project Award, locators or developers that has strengthened its relationship with the community through meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects like scholarship programs, free medical and dental services, tree planting, gift giving, or similar pro-community projects will be recognized.

The Outstanding Environmental Performers Award is given to a locator that has institutionalized its environmental management system, complied with environmental regulations, and fostered partnership between the government and the industry in caring for the environment while simultaneously sustaining economic growth.

Meanwhile, the Hall of Fame Award is awarded to three-time winners of the Outstanding Exporter, Outstanding Employer, Outstanding Community Project and Outstanding Environmental Performer Awards.

Further, the Billionaires Award is given to a company that exports at least US$2.5 Billion in any given year.

New PEZA Award categories in 2020

Aside from these awards, PEZA also recently opened this year three new awards under the Special Awards category for its registered companies to vie for.

Open to all locators and ecozone developers-operators, the COVID-19 Response Award seeks to recognize registered business enterprises who were able to successfully establish policies and programs to avert the spread of the virus in the workplace.

“It is a must that we recognize the efforts of our registered companies to combat the effect of this pandemic while they strive maintain operations and comply to the global supply and demand,” noted the PEZA Chief.

These companies must be able to provide proof of collaboration between employers, supervisors and workers in the workplace safety and health committees to promote and improve response and preparedness for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, PEZA has come up with the Green, Healthy, Smart and Sustainable Ecozones Award which will be given to ecozone developers who are committed to and are qualified on the following:

1) the promotion of healthy industrialization through designing ecozones and townships that are geared towards sustainability and a decarbonized future;

2) adoption of technologies and methodologies which make ecozone operations more efficient; and

3) fostering partnership between government and the industry in making ecozones more attractive to global leaders in the manufacturing and IT sector, thereby enabling PEZA to achieve its vision as primary catalyst for sound and balanced development.

This award is in line with PEZA’s new policy to transform its ecozones into green, healthy, sustainable, safe, and smart ecozones.

In recognition of PEZA enterprises’ patronage of locally manufactured/produced raw materials, and support to local suppliers, PEZA shall be giving the Galing Pinas! Award to PEZA-registered Ecozone Export Enterprises that are substantially utilizing locally manufactured/produced and/or grown raw materials in their export product.

Under its criteria, Deputy Director General for Operations Ms. Mary Harriet Abordo explained that “Sourcing products locally is an important step towards sustainable business practices. It supports the local economy and foster community development. Local sourcing can boost economic growth while providing opportunities to reduce negative environmental impact. By sourcing locally, companies create linkages with domestic suppliers upstream in their value chain.”

The awarding ceremony will be held on 10 December 2020, 2:00 PM at the PEZA Auditorium with only limited honorees and guests present in line with the COVID-19 guidelines on mass gathering.

The Investors’ Recognition Day 2020 will also be streamed live on PEZA’s official social media accounts through this link: