Philippine Standard Time - Sunday, July 21, 2024,

Vision / Mission


By 2023, PEZA will be the nation's primary catalyst for sound and balanced development by promoting viable and sustainable economic zones and by bringing in targeted investments to generate jobs, exports and economic opportunities, especially in the countryside.



To promote the attainment of a sound and balanced industrial, economic and social development of the country through ecozone development by:

  • Promoting locator and developer investments in economic zones particularly, in targeted growth areas and economic activities, in order to create more jobs, exports, diverse products and services, and economic opportunities in these areas;
  • Enhancing ecozone linkages with the local governments, communities, businesses and other stakeholders towards spurring countryside development and creating integrated/green townships and industry clusters; and,
  • Continuing to provide a globally competitive and sustainable business environment through effective management of economic zones, efficient administration of incentives, and utmost delivery of services.