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About PEZA

PEZA - attached to the Department of Trade and Industry - is the Philippine government agency tasked to promote investments, extend assistance, register, grant incentives to and facilitate the business operations of investors in export-oriented manufacturing and service facilities inside selected areas throughout the country proclaimed by the President of the Philippines as PEZA Special Economic Zones.

It oversees and administers incentives to developers/operators of and locators in world-class, ready-to-occupy, environment-friendly, secured and competitively priced Special Economic Zones (see List of Economic Zones)


 The Philippine Edge
  • Competent Filipino Workers
  • Fast Learning Curve
  • Business - Friendly Policies
  • Strategic Location
  • Very Hospitable and Comfortable Lifestyle
The PEZA Edge
  • Very Competitive Incentives
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Non-Stop Shop
  • No Graft No Corruption
  • No Red Tape
 Cost of Doing Business
  • Application & Registration Fees
  • Manpower
  • Telecommunication
  • Power
  • Water
Getting Started


Feedback, Please

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Gender and Development


PEZA Online

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VASP Evaluation Survey
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